Material & Size Guide

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All the metals that we use are recycled metals, we create our own alloys to ensure that we get the correct hardness in the metal and a good tone and quality, sometimes depending on many factors in the production process, we turn to European companies that help us to do so, guaranteeing that the purification of metals is conducted under the rules of sustainability, necessary to keep the environment safe.

To care and to extend the life of our products, store it in a cold dry place. When not in use, keep your piece in the cotton bag provided for protection. You should treat your jewellery like any other wardrobe item. Clothes and shoes must be maintained e.g washed, new soles, cleaned, repaired, etc. The same goes for jewellery. The gold plating must get a new gold layer on when needed, and it is advised to check locks and clasps firmness. 

950 - 925 silver

925 Silver means that the alloy contains 925 parts of silver and 75 parts of copper. Since silver is a soft metal, softer than brass, can get nicks and notches with heavy use, thats why is normally combined with copper, to make it a bit more resistant to be used in jewellery pieces. Silver is precious metal that oxidises due this part of copper that contains, this happen when the jewel have been exposed to humidity that is typically in the air, or sometimes also happen when exposed to extremely mineralised or salty waters, like some seas or lakes. Anyway silver can be cleaned with a polishing agent, one for silver, and with the help of a soft fabric. 


Oxidised 925 silver, is the result of a patina that provoke that the particles of silver on the surface turn in black- grey, since this is only on the surface with the use it loses its color, and turns naturally polished. It can be oxidised again with a special agent to get the blackness back. If that happen for any reason,  and you would like the jewell to go back to the black finishing,  we will take care for it, for free; you just need to contact us.


Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper that ages beautifully. Brass may oxidise with time, embrace it or get the original color back with a polishing agent for brass, or copper, anyway you can also simply use a soft piece of fabric to publish it. To avoid the process of ageing, do not wear it in the shower, do not leave it in damp rooms, and do not put perfume or lotions when wearing your brass jewellery. To speed up the process of ageing, do the contrary.


Some of our chains and other details in the jewels are gold plated, so as a preventive measure, and for the perfect maintenance of the pieces, we advise to take them off before bathing or wearing perfume. If the chain gets damaged for any reason, we will change it for free; you just need to contact us.

All of our plated pieces are thick plated on brass or 925 silver. Depending on use, plated pieces will wear, meaning that they will become personalised pieces, each revealing in its own unique way. This surface treatment will fade over time because of contact with clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, hairspray, air pollution, humidity and others. To slow the process of ageing, avoid water and damp rooms, perfume, lotions or chemicals that can damage your jewellery. 

Plated pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth.


All of our semi- precious and precious stones are natural and can vary in size and color, which makes each pieces of jewellery very unique. All our natural stones are from authorised traders and only comes from countries free of conflicts. The wood we use in our designs is coming from European suppliers that are ensuring a transparent procedure in their production. Some of our designs contains leather pieces that are recycled from other small business partners from the accessory making field in Europe.  

What if jewellery breaks?

If it is a production fault you should send it back to us within the 14 days after receiving your order. If the damage is of your own fault, you should bring it to your local jeweller for repair. Everything can be fixed.

If you have questions about repairs please let us know at


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